Ad hoc publications

These publications deal with particular issues of Regional Science. Topics are determined by either the interest they bring due to their highly contemporary nature or by the current curricula and research needs of the Institute.
The RDI's special publication include:

  • ROKOS, K., "Taxonomic Analysis", Athens, (1988).
  • SALLAS, M., "The Progress of Greek Inflation and its Effects on Primary Economic Figures. An Econometric Inquiry", Athens, (1989).
  • KONSOLAS, N.I., "Local Development", in Regional Science Studies in southern Europe, Regional Development Institute & Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Government (ed.), Athens, (1990).
  • BARQUERO , A.V., "Local Development. A Strategy for the Creation of Employment Opportunities", translated by RDI's graduate HORA, V., Papazissis Publications, Athens, (1991).
  • WALKER, D., CHAPMAN, K., "Industrial Location. Theory and Policy", translated by R.D.I.'s graduate, NIKITARIDES, M., Papazissis Publications, Athens, (1992).
  • KONSOLA, D., "Culture, Environment and Regional Development", in Regional Science Studies in Southern Europe, RDI's Regional Publications, Athens, (1993).


  • In Memory of Professor Jerome Pintos, RDI's Publications, (1984)
  • In Memory of Professor Sakis Karayiorgas, RDI's Publications, (1988)
  • RDI's Scientific Yearbook, RDI's Publications, (1992)

Within the scope of its five-year Program of Development, the Institute is currently preparing the following publications:

  • Quarterly News Bulletin of the RDI.
  • Annual Edition of Regional Policy
  • Atlas of the Greek Regions