Objectives and scopes

The main task of the Regional Development Institute (RDI) is the advancement of the research in all fields of the developmental process. This is achieved by linking urban, local and regional development issues with broader National and EU processes, and by promoting a regular exchange of ideas and experience on a worldwide basis. The Institute is also concerned with the advancement of theory and with addressing current development problems.

 In a more precise way, the main applications of these aims could be enounced as:

  • To elaborate basic research on all aspects of the Greek Regions' development and to publish the data gathered.
  • To participate in research programs developed by the EU.
  • To compile theoretical and applied research studies on regional development, innovation, knowledge economy etc.
  • To cooperate with different National Ministries and Local Government organizations in order to provide expert and scientific advice and guidance.
  • To organize and conduct lectures and seminars, but also to actively participate at national and international conferences and congresses.
  • To create a Regional Development library and special archives for the use of students and researchers.
  • To promote studies on Environmental Protection, Spatial Organisation, Cultural Development and the application of New Digital Technologies in various fields.
  • To develop and maintain communication and cooperation with international Organizations, Institutes and Centers for Regional Development.
  • To publish books, papers, expert studies and reports on issues regarding regional and sustainable development.
  • To provide Panteion University's Department of Economic and Regional Development with academic support for its postgraduate program and curricula.
  • To establish centers and workshops, and to develop programs that would promote regional competitiveness.

RDI is mainly involved in competitive projects from the Innovative Actions of the European Regional Development Fund (RITTS of Thessaly and the Northern Aegean, RIS, RIS+ of Sterea Ellada, IA Sterea Ellada).