The Governing Body

The Institute is administered by Professor N.I. Konsolas, which acts as Director of the RDI, and by academic staff members (professors and associate professors) working in the domain of Regional Science, from the Department of Urban and Regional Development of Panteion University.

The RDI's governing body consists of a Five-Member Board of Directors, which are:

Objectives and scopes

The main task of the Regional Development Institute (RDI) is the advancement of the research in all fields of the developmental process. This is achieved by linking urban, local and regional development issues with broader National and EU processes, and by promoting a regular exchange of ideas and experience on a worldwide basis. The Institute is also concerned with the advancement of theory and with addressing current development problems.


The Institute is organized into the following departments:

  1. Research
  2. Library
  3. Informatics laboratory/G.I.S/A.D./RDBMS
  4. Secretariat
  5. Finance and Administration
  6. Public Relations

The Institute

The Regional Development Institute for university research was formally established in Athens (Greece), in 1975, and sprang from the Institute of Regional Development, which was founded by presidential decree the same year.