The Institute is located in a privately owned seven-story building on Syngrou Avenue, in Athens (Greece). It occupies the first and the ground floor levels of the building. Its facilities comprise modern lecture rooms, seminar rooms, a library and a Databank.


The Institute's Databank is, to this day, Greece's most extensive, and up-to-date, source of information on regional structural configuration. It disposes of complete files of statistical data and offers an accurate information base not only to RDI's students, but also to international organisms, universities and public enterprises.


The bulk of research necessarily involves the usage of a significant amount of references. The RDI disposes of a complete scientific library, supported by a modern computerized filing system.

With over 2,000 volumes of scientific interest and a series of Greek and international journals, the RDI's library resources support Urban and Regional Development postgraduate's needs and research interests of Ph.D. candidates, professors and the Institute's academic and research staff.
One of the library's main tasks is to unfailingly monitor the international bibliography and regularly update, replenish and renew its collection of specialized books and periodicals.

Information technology in R.D.I.

A wide range of hardware and software, developed to support research activities in management, analysis, tabulation and display of Research Program Data, is available within the Institute's advanced computing facilities.
The local area network is organized in three operational domains:

  • GIS and Database R&D Domain,
  • Regional Development Research Domain, and
  • Support Domain