14th Annual Scientific Conference of  ERSA Greek Section

14th Annual Scientific Conference of ERSA Greek Section 

~24-25 June 2016, Regional Development Institute, Athens~

16th Annual Scientific Conference of  ERSA Greek Section

The Greek Section of European Regional Science Association (ERSA), on the 22nd-23rd of June,  is organizing the 16th Annual Scientific Conference at the Regional Development Institute in Athens.



3rd Academic Conference in Property Management, Valuation and Development

In collabaration with RICS

3-4 December 2012

This session sums up the presentations and the assessmentsmade for the current state of the Greek property market and its near future trends. Further this session outlines scenarios produced by Property and Portfolio Research for the eurozone's real estate markets under the assumption of further bailouts and debt restructuring. The implications for rent and yields of a pessimistic scenario in a two speed Eurozone are presented and the discussion extends to the consequences for the Greek real estate market.