The main purpose of the Institute of Regional Development (RDI) is to promote scientific research in all areas of the development process. This goal is achieved through the interconnection of urban, local and regional development issues with broader national and European processes as well as through the regular exchange of ideas and experience on an international basis. The Institute is also involved in the development of theoretical research to address contemporary development issues.

More specifically, the main means of implementing the aims of the Institute are:

  • Conducting surveys for the Greek regions and publishing the findings.
  • Participation in European Union research projects.
  • The elaboration of theoretical and applied studies on regional development, innovation, knowledge economy, etc.
  • Cooperation with various Ministries, Regions and Local Government Organizations and the provision of scientific advice and opinions.
  • The organization of lectures and seminars as well as the participation in conferences in Greece and abroad.
  • The organization of a library for regional development and special archives for use by students and researchers.
  • Research on issues of Environmental Protection, Spatial Organization, Cultural Development and Application of New Digital Technologies in various fields.
  • Communication and cooperation with international organizations, institutes and centers abroad for regional development.
  • The publication of books, yearbooks and studies on regional and sustainable development issues.
  • The provision of academic support to the postgraduate program of the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University.
  • The establishment and operation of centers and laboratories and the establishment of programs to promote regional competitiveness.